The Very Organized Thief

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Steal all the items on the list and get away unseen


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The Very Organized Thief is a stealth game where players assume the role of a thief who, once inside a house, must steal a list of objects before the owner gets home.

The objects you must steal and your location will change every time you play, so you'll rarely have the same experience twice. Although you only steal objects from the list, you can pick up and mess with the other items in the house, too, and even collect piles of money to give you a better score at the end of the game.

Once you've been inside the house a few minutes, you'll hear a car arrive. That's when you know there are only a few seconds left until the owner walks in. And if you get caught ... he'll knock you unconscious and it'll be game over.

The Very Organized Thief is a fun game of stealth and exploration, with good graphics and a very original concept. And thanks to the random way the adventure develops, you can return to play it as often as you like.